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I.A Finale!

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You know about Mental Math, but have you ever heard Math Metal?

"Math Metal" is one of my favourite sub-genres of metal! Though most individuals find it to be hard-on-the-ears and unapealing, this unique genre encorporates advanced musical techniques with an emphasis on the rhythm section ( drums and guitars ). These progressive techniques include the use of irregular drumming patterns as oppose to the standard 4/4 time signature, atypical melodies that tend to come across as harsh and guitar styles that depend on it's players' sense of rhythmical complexity. Key aspects in terms of the melodies created by guitar players are the "angular" riffs. They are refered to as angular because of there placement should they be positioned on a music staff. By connecting the notes with a lign, you would notice frequent angles. These angular "riffs" or "melodies" often include sudden start-stop sequences that add to the "grossness" of the music.

Note* This is just a brief introduction to this immense and elaborate topic!
        *Also, I am aware that this isn't exactly easy-listening music so I don't expect you guys to sit down and enjoy all of it. However a brief sample of each might give you a window of opportunity to analyse the song structures and techniques like I have when I made my selection.                                         

Below are several examples of this diverse genre that I ranked from MOST to LEAST generally appealling.                                                                                                                                         

1. Artist: Periphery     Song Title: Icarus Lives!


[puh-rif-uh-ree]  noun, plural -er·ies.
 -the external boundary of any surface or area

2. Artist: Tosin Abasi     Song Title: Waves of Babies

I find this master of the 8-string guitar to be quite fascinating lm/

3.  Artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan      Song Title: Panasonic Youth

P.S. I saw and "moshed" to this band live in Toronto!
Fun Fact: John Dillinger was a notorious criminal famous for robbing multiple banks, escaping from prison twice and finally his last escape plan which was "shoot your way out".

4. Artist: Circle Takes The Square    Song Title: Non-Objective Portrait of Karma

(please feel free to skip the long intro!)

Did you like/dislike this genre of music?
What do you listen to for fun?
Do you agree/disagree with my choices?
Have you ever seen a mind-blowing concert?
Do you have any idea what "moshing" is?
Do you know what this is suppose to be --> lml ?

I'd love to get some feedback from you guys!